ophelia, 2021
The main part of this project was me exploring portrayals of girlhood originally told from the male gaze. Ophelia, the tragic character from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, has been romanticised for years as either the virgin or the whore, nowhere in between and never as a person, never just as a girl. I wanted my work to reclaim this narrative of the hysterical female, to prove that girlhood does not belong to men. It never did and never will.  

humans of somewhere pt2, 2023
i think that it is time, 
time that you come back to earth 

femininity is just junk , 2023

it was all fragranced with adult possibility...
and now
there’s just this miasma of discontent

girls, 2020-2023


humans of somewhere pt1
let us run away
let us run away and never come back
slip into the forest
with me